Keys, Phone, Wallet? There’s an app for that

by theleighreview

by Matt Keleher

Imagine you have to be at work in half an hour, but your keys, wallet or phone simply refuse to be found. You end up frantically searching every corner of your home, almost certain that you’ll be late…

It’s a scenario that will be all too familiar for many readers, but fear not as a new breakthrough product named ‘Tile’ promises to alleviate the stress of searching for your lost and misplaced valuables.

Tile and its free iOS app are designed to take the stress out of locating lost or misplaced items

Tile, the brainchild of Nick Evans and Mike Farley is a small device that can be clipped onto any object (it also works with pets) which can be tracked with an app that utilises cloud and Bluetooth technology, should it go missing.

Each Tile connects with the product’s iOS app, which allows you to see its location when it is in Bluetooth range (50-150ft). You can also use the app to sound the Tile’s inbuilt alarm to make the item easier to find.

…but what if your item wasn’t where you thought it was or worse yet is stolen?

“The technology is able to leverage the Bluetooth connectivity of everyone in the Tile community to help you find lost items,” Evans and Farley told

“Say you leave your briefcase (which has a Tile inside) sitting on a table at a café while you get up to order coffee, and while you’re gone someone steals your briefcase. Once you realize it’s gone, you can go into the free iOS Tile app and mark that item as missing. When you do that, your app discretely and securely puts all other Tile apps on the search for that item in the background. If another Tile app user comes within range of your missing briefcase, you are sent the updated location on a map so that you can retrieve your missing item.”

Tile’s cofounders are currently working hard to ensure their product will be ready for a winter release.

This has all the makings of a true entrepreneurial success story; with the Tile, Evans and Farley may well have struck upon an innovation that makes life a little easier for us all.

Now… where did I leave those keys?

Promo video for Tile: